Nature Zentangle Art Challenge: TOMORROW!

Tomorrow begins the month of May–AND another exciting Nature Art Challenge…ZENTANGLE-style! I hope some of you will consider trying this challenge with me! Zentangle is a fun, easy, and incredibly relaxing drawing technique–which will be absolutely perfect for the purposes of exploring textures in nature! If you’re new to this blog, check out yesterday’s post to read more about the technique before the challenge begins tomorrow!

As has been the case with most of the Nature Art Challenges, I will post a prompt for each day’s exploration at the end of the previous day’s post!

For tomorrow’s challenge, head outside to draw the OUTLINES of natural objects. These outlines will be simple, contour line drawings. As you’re drawing the outlines, remember the following tips:

1.Focus on the edges of your subject.

2. Avoid any and all details. (Try not to lift your pencil from the paper as you are drawing your subject)

3. Fill your paper as much as you can. (Since Zentangle patterns will take some time to complete, I recommend keeping to a smaller-sized paper. I will be using a 6″ x 8″ piece of paper.)

Have fun planning your composition–and, to mix it up, try sketching the outlines of a couple of things in one area, and then move to another area.

NOTE: If you do not consider yourself an artist, give this a shot! Try drawing some simple shapes in nature–or simplify the things that you see (such as drawing only a few large branches on a tree trunk).

Here’s an example of a contour line drawing completed by one of my students (some details and shading were added later, but you get the idea):

‘Til tomorrow…happy explorations!!

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