Nature Zentangle Art Challenge: DAY ONE!

Happy first day of this month’s ZENTANGLE art challenge! The goal of today’s challenge was to draw the outlines of natural objects to create the framework for your Zentangle-inspired work! 

So, this afternoon I ventured out my door with an open mind to whatever happened to catch my eye. During my wanderings, I ventured upon a lovely patch of clovers, as well as several very interesting leaves–all of which I incorporated into my composition.

While I drew the various objects that I found, I didn’t worry about the overlapping pencil lines. After I had added all of the objects into my composition, I traced over my lines using a black ink pen (try to use one with a smooth ink flow). I only traced over the lines that I decided to keep. The overlapping lines were then erased. Here is my resulting composition:

For tomorrow’s challenge, it’s time to start collecting textures! Grab a piece of paper, fold it into 8 sections, and head outside to begin searching for natural textures. When you find a texture that you like, draw it into one of your sections. If it is a complicated texture, try to simplify the texture.

‘Til tomorrow…happy explorations! AND happy texture hunting!


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