Nature Zentangle Art Challenge: DAY TWO!

After completing yesterday’s challenge to create the outlines for my Zentangle composition, today I headed out my door with a paper folded into 8 sections, eyes open for textures and patterns! As I was sketching some leaf patterns, I had an unexpected visit from a small, green anole!

I must have been invading his territory, because he began climbing up and down the branches near me, puffing out his pink dewlap to try to scare me away. Rather than letting this clearly terrifying display scare me off, I decided to quickly sketch the little beast–using the white patterns on his dewlap as inspiration for my Zentangle!

Here are my pattern/texture sketches from the day:

For tomorrow’s challenge, transform your sketches into REPEATING patterns. Practice filling a simple shape with some of your patterns.


‘Til tomorrow…happy explorations!


6 thoughts on “Nature Zentangle Art Challenge: DAY TWO!

    • Thanks, Karen! Even taking five minutes to go outside and draw the veins of a leaf or the rough texture of a rock is worth the effort! It’s amazing the little things that you’ll notice in those five minutes 🙂 Good luck with your sketching!

  1. I did the day one step with a small class of middle school homeschoolers that I have that meets once a week. The drawings that were made were lovely! I love the idea of gathering patterns outdoors as well as doing the contour drawings outdoors! I will share that with them next week, and hopefully we can get outside and try it. We got chased back indoors this week by cool, breezy, sprinkly weather! I am really looking forward to the rest of your posts in this project!
    How wonderful to see an anole while you were out drawing! We wouldn’t see something like that here in the Pacific Northwest, but maybe we’d spot a millipede with an interesting pattern!

    • I’m glad your middle school students enjoyed Zentangle! Best of luck with the pattern-gathering outside next week! The weather can definitely be a deterrent for artful explorations in nature. If the weather’s still not the greatest next week, you could always bring some natural objects inside to be drawn–such as leaves, sticks, and rocks. Each of those objects has multiple textures and patterns that would be great to transform into a Zentangle pattern (which I’ll blog about for Day 3 of the challenge!). I’m glad you are enjoying this challenge and look forward to hearing more about your explorations!

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