Nature Zentangle Challenge: DAY THREE!

Let the pattern-making begin! For today’s challenge, I worked on simplifying and rearranging the textures that I had collected the previous day into repeating patterns. I then tried adding some of my patterns into a simple shape. For my example, I used the outline of a tree trunk. Here are my resulting explorations:

I’m loving the patterns that have emerged so far! Looking forward to adding these patterns to my composition tomorrow! Speaking of which—For tomorrow’s challenge, begin adding your collected patterns and textures to your composition, Zentangle-style! During this process, feel free to repeat patterns in several different areas! Also, explore other texture combinations to create a different pattern with the same collected textures. To help with this process, here’s the little worksheet that I posted a few days ago:

‘Til tomorrow…happy explorations!

One thought on “Nature Zentangle Challenge: DAY THREE!

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