Crochet Chain-Stitch Embroidery

As promised, here is one technique that will be used in this month’s challenge: The Chain Stitch.

For those of you who have never crocheted anything in your life, here is a wonderful website to get you started with the crochet basics.

After you have crocheted your blank “canvas,”using basic crochet stitches,  you will begin the embroidering process!

Sketch your design onto your blank crocheted canvas using a washable fabric pencil. Then, begin following the lines with your chain-stitch.

To begin, insert your hook through the crocheted canvas and pull a yarn loop through.

Then once again insert the hook through the crocheted canvas, grabbing hold of the yarn underneath.

Pull that string through your loop to create your first stitch. Repeat until you are finished with your embroidered line.

The visuals provided in this post are from this excellent website.

Tomorrow, I will be posting more about crocheting your blank canvas. I just realized that I will be going on a camping trip during the first week of June, so will be actually starting June’s Nature Art Challenge next week (May 28-June 3). I realize it will technically still be the month of May, but it will be ENDING in June, so in my book, that is good enough! I’ll be sure to share some of my photography explorations from the camping trip as an added bonus!

With that in mind, ONE DAY until the Crochet Nature Art Challenge begins!!

‘Til tomorrow…happy explorations!


2 thoughts on “Crochet Chain-Stitch Embroidery

  1. This looks like fun, and definitely something I’d like to do with my homeschool students next year! I’ll have to try my own project this summer after school gets out.

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