Nature Crochet Art Challenge: DAY ONE!

Today begins the Nature Crochet Art Challenge! For this challenge, I will be exploring the surrounding natural environment through the art of crochet…Specifically, crochet EMBROIDERY.

For today’s challenge, I focused on creating the canvas for my crochet explorations. Choosing a grey/blue yarn, I decided to crochet from the center outwards, creating a square. For purposes of this challenge, I kept my square relatively small 12″ x 12″–though, depending on the time that you have to dedicate to this challenge, you could definitely go smaller than this. Here is my resulting canvas:

For tomorrow’s challenge, take a walk with your camera! Soak in the sites, smells, and overall FEEL of the environment around you. Take a few shots of the beauty that surrounds you. When you return from your walk, brainstorm ideas for your composition. Create rough sketches, or select several pictures to inspire your work. Enjoy experimenting and exploring different options!

‘Til tomorrow…happy explorations!

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