Nature Crochet Art Challenge: DAY TWO!

Today was an absolutely gorgeous, Wyoming day! Today’s weather report:  mid to high 70’s, slightly cloudy, and a 99.9% chance of wind (which I’m still coming to terms with…).

Rather than taking a walk, as I had discussed in yesterday’s post, I decided to bust out my bike for a Tour de Cheyenne! My husband, a Wyoming native, told me about this trail called The Greenway, which is comprised of chunks of paved pedestrian/bike trails that run throughout the city! Here’s a description, taken from Cheyenne’s Official Website:

“The Greenway serves as a safe and accessible recreational corridor; a key component of the non-motorized transportation system; an open-air science, ecology, history, and health classroom for students of all ages; and a vital public space integral in building sustainable, vibrant and healthy neighborhoods and a cohesive community. The man made and natural barriers that traditionally divide a community are the same corridors the Greater Cheyenne Greenway has employed to connect neighborhoods, school districts, and socio-economic divides.”

With camera in tow, I headed off to explore a small section of The Greenway! Since my bike is in desperate need of some TLC…and rust remover (thank you Austin humidity), I kept the ride to 4-5 miles, occasionally stopping to take a few shots of the beauty around me. Here are a few shots from my ride:

In addition to taking in the sites around me, I paid careful attention to the sounds (birds, wind, squeaky bike), feels (wind in my face), and smells (unfortunately my allergies made everything smell like dust!).

After returning from my explorations, I decided to add to the surface of my crocheted canvas! Inspired by the wind, I added windy patterns to my work. Here is the result:

For tomorrow’s explorations, use today’s excursion to inspire your composition. If you sketched some ideas today, work off of those sketches to create a simplified plan for your canvas. Once you have finished your proposed design, select the colors of yarn that you will need for your design. 

‘Til tomorrow…happy explorations!

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