Nature Crochet Art Challenge: DAY FIVE!

For today’s challenge, I continued adding the large shapes of color to my canvas. Here is today’s resulting explorations:

Since my design had overlapping leaves, I decided to use two different colors for my leaves. For tomorrow’s challenge, using a thinner yarn, add details to your larger shapes.

As promised yesterday, I would like to share a recycle art collage lesson idea with you.

To prepare your surface:

1. Cover surface with glue. Add newspaper/magazine clippings to create collaged background. Apply glue to cover surface and let dry.

2. Cut shapes/designs out of cardboard and use painter’s tape or wax to temporary attach to dried collage surface.

3. Paint over surface and cardboard stencil. Remove stencil and touch up edges with paint.

4. Once dry, add details using pen.


‘Til tomorrow…happy explorations!


5 thoughts on “Nature Crochet Art Challenge: DAY FIVE!

  1. Wow! I really like the crochet project! The collage project looks great, too. I look forward to doing some art with you!

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