Nature Watercolor Challenge: DAY TWO!

I’m a sucker for special effects, so today’s challenge proved to be a fun and exciting one! Using regular table salt, the tip of a mechanical pencil (no lead), and a plastic square that I scrounged up from my odds and ends drawer, I painted the following picture:

All of the dotted areas (mostly on the left side) are the result of the table salt. The trees, branches, and grass were created using the sgraffito techniques, and paper towel was used for reverse printmaking on the ground. Not only was it a lot of fun to explore these special effects, but it also gave me a lot of great ideas for ways that each can be used for my nature explorations! (I could definitely see the “magic” factor of the salt (or rubbing alcohol) going over well with my students!)

For tomorrow’s challenge, explore a natural texture that you find interesting! Find the texture and then take several photographs or sketch it. Then, try to recreate that texture using watercolors! You can try using the special effects that we explored today, or try new techniques to recreate your natural texture.

‘Til tomorrow…happy explorations!


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