Nature Watercolor Challenge: Day Three!

Happy Sunday! Pfew! It’s a scorcher out there! I shouldn’t complain though–the firefighters that have been working so hard to put out the fires in Colorado and Wyoming have it much, much hotter than I do!

Aside from the heat, it was (and still is) a gorgeous, sunny day–perfect for a little photography adventure!

For today’s challenge, I focused on the textures around me. While I found several interesting textures in the dirt, grass, and leaves, I was definitely drawn to bark textures. Here are a few photographs from my venture that inspired my watercolor explorations:

Based on these photographs of bark textures, I then explored the watercolor techniques from Day One and Day Two of the challenge. Here is my resulting mini-work:

For tomorrow’s challenge, focus on SHADOWS. This time, take your paper outside with you, collecting shadows on your paper to create an interesting composition. Depending on the weather, you may choose to either paint the shadows outside or sketch them and then add your watercolor effects afterwards.

‘Til tomorrow..happy explorations!

3 thoughts on “Nature Watercolor Challenge: Day Three!

  1. For the first time in my life, I understand a little about the “how” of art because of your wonderful posts. I wish all art teachers, coaches and mentors could read your posts on how to teach creating art. Today’s posting on bark was lovely. :^)

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