Nature Watercolor Challenge: DAY FOUR!

Thank goodness for sunshine! Last time I attempted shadow explorations (Nature Photography Challenge), I was greeted by a week of cloudy days! As I was eating my breakfast this morning, I watched clouds begin to form and shadows slowly disappear. So, I quickly finished my breakfast and ran outside to collect my shadows before they disappeared for the day! Using a pencil, I traced a variety of shadows to create an interesting composition. Here is my tracing:

After I had finished outlining my composition, I then began exploring the shadow shapes that I had collected using watercolor washes, glazing techniques, and sgraffito! I also decided to play with my border (which I usually leave white, using painter’s tape to block it off). If you’d like to try a similar technique, I began by painting the entire paper. Once dry, I used tape to block off the sides of my composition. I then added glazes (watered down paint) over the entire composition to make the center composition stand out from the border.

Here is my resulting mini-work:

For tomorrow’s challenge, take your watercolor set outside to explore textures using sgraffito techniques! Begin by selecting an object that has an interesting texture. Prepare your paper by painting a watercolor wash over the surface. While it is still wet, set the paper over your textured object and begin rubbing the surface to transfer the texture onto your paper. You can add more paint and/or water if necessary.

Enjoy the process!

‘Til tomorrow…happy explorations!

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