Nature Watercolor Challenge: DAY SIX!

Happy Fourth of July!! I wish you all a wonderful day of celebration as we remember the bravery of our forefathers as they fought for this beautiful, democratic country in which we live!

I’ll keep this relatively short, as I am headed to a bbq (unique..I know!). Today’s challenge didn’t turn out quite as I had hoped. As I’m sure many of you are aware, the west is on fire. Literally. So, due to all of the smoke that is currently polluting Cheyenne, I was unable to go for my walking adventure this morning. I love exploring the natural world…but not at the expense of my respiratory health!

That being said, today’s resulting painting was a reaction to my window observations–as well as the smoke smells that inevitably enter the house.

For tomorrow’s challenge, we will explore one of my favorite natural subjects: the leaf. Select a leaf with an interesting color or shape and use watercolor paint to study everything that you can about your subject. (This might mean printmaking, painting WITH your leaf, or maybe just painting the veins and texture of your leaf.

Enjoy the last day of the challenge!

‘Til tomorrow…happy explorations! AND A VERY HAPPY 4th OF JULY!


2 thoughts on “Nature Watercolor Challenge: DAY SIX!

  1. Absolutely gorgeous. One of the best challenges in my opinion because of it’s more abstract nature. Bravo.

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