North Carolina…BONSAI!

As odd as this may sound, I had never really considered Bonsai Trees as an art form until my most recent visit to Asheville, NC, where I was able to see an absolutely gorgeous Bonsai exhibit at The North Carolina Arboretum.  I guess I always just considered Bonsai just another form of gardening…and I hadn’t really thought of gardening as an art form until now. Rather, I thought of it as a relaxing activity or a hobby.

According to the arboretum’s website (see above link), “Through rigorously applied cultivation techniques, trees, shrubs, vines and even herbaceous plants are kept in a miniaturized state, developed into artistic shapes and then displayed in special containers. The Bonsai art that I was able to view throughout this exhibit was incredible–some were miniature forests; others appeared to be living poetry… Gorgeous.

After viewing this exhibit, I could  better understand how Bonsai could not only be considered an art form, but also a prime example of artful explorations in nature. What are your thoughts on the art of Bonsai, or the art of gardening? Do you think that this could be considered an art form or more of a hobby?

‘Til later…happy explorations!


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