AUGUST: Where’s Waldo Nature Challenge!

In honor of my birthday month, I will be shaking things up a little bit, Waldo-style! For this month’s Nature Challenge, we will be exploring the environment through the creation of a “Where’s Waldo”-style drawing!

Unfortunately (sort of) I will be living the unplugged life on a beach in Mexico during this challenge, so will not be able to post my daily challenges. I will, however, still be participating in the challenge during my trip. When I return from my vacation, I will post my results of the challenge! Since I won’t be able to post a daily tip for the challenge, I’ve included a tip for each day below:

DAY ONE: Since your drawing is going to be fairly detailed for this challenge, begin with a smaller paper (no bigger than 6″X6″…unless you are inspired to work on a larger canvas!) Today, focus on your background. Try to draw from the environment around you. Go for a walk; look out your window; sit on your porch; create a simplified background from your observations (i.e. If you’re looking at a neighborhood background, complete with yards, cars, roads, trees, and houses, try to sketch what the land would look like WITHOUT the houses, trees, and cars, and other “props”). Do not worry about shading or coloring your background yet. Focus on pencil outlines.

DAY TWO: Time to create your “Waldo!” Since this is a nature challenge, your “Waldo” should be something of the environment around you. Perhaps it is an interesting leaf you see on a walk. Maybe it is a funny little squirrel that lives in your yard. Take a walk for some inspiration. When you find your character, practice drawing it several times until you find the version you like best. Remember that we are drawing in cartoon-style, so focus on outlines rather than shading or too many details.

DAY THREE: Now that you have your “Waldo,” it’s time to work on hiding him/her! divide your paper into fourths, using light pencil lines. For today, select one section of your composition to fill with small characters, objects and details that you see throughout the day. Rather than focusing on a small area of this section and moving up, I would recommend first spacing out your drawings in the section, and then filling in the space between your drawings (if that makes sense). You may begin adding some color to this section as well (using a medium of your choice: colored pencils, crayons, markers, watercolor, etc.).

DAY FOUR: Select another quadrant to “Waldify!” Try drawing from a location than the previous day’s drawing. Be sure to include a variety of sizes and textures in your drawing. Add color.

DAY FIVE: Begin adding characters and objects to the third section of your drawing. Add color.

DAY SIX: “Waldify” your fourth and final section of your composition. Add color.

DAY SEVEN: Try to add a few objects to overlap your four sections and tie everything together. Finish adding color and details. Finally, in classic Waldo-style, add a map key with the objects that need to be found–your main character being the star ingredient!

As mentioned above, I will post my own challenge results when I return in a couple of weeks. If any of you decide to take on this challenge, I would love to see your results–and possibly feature them on my blog! Enjoy the process of this challenge!  

‘Til later…happy explorations!



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