August Nature Art Challenge: WHERE’S PACO?

I have finally returned from a most relaxing vacation on Isla Mujeres, an island near Cancun, Mexico. Along with finding time for snorkeling, visiting parts of The Underwater Museum (AMAZING.), and exploring the island via golf cart, I spent time artfully  exploring the island–Where’s Waldo-style!

During the last week of my stay, the weather took a turn for the worst (thank you, Hurricane Ernesto!). After the storm had passed, birds (particularly pigeons) seemed to swarm the beach! Thus, the inspiration for my artful explorations hit! Most of the birds were brown and black–or some combination of the two colors. So when I noticed an interesting black-and-white spotted pigeon, I knew I had found my Waldo (or “Paco”).

Here is the resulting composition, titled “Where’s Paco?”:

Along with hiding “Paco,” I also hid (true to Waldo drawings) 10 keys, 15 other birds, and a few other comical characters. As I was adding details to each of the four sections of this drawing, I tried to maintain a balance between my observations and cartoonish exaggerations.

I hope some of you will give this challenge a try! I had a lot of fun adding details and hiding “Paco!” Through this exploration, I found that I was forced to observe both the small details and happenings around me, as well as the larger picture (when composing my background).

After completing this challenge, I would offer two suggestions:

1. Don’t add color until your composition is COMPLETE!

2. Try to fit in as many details and textures as you can. These help in hiding your “Waldo!” After I had finished drawing as many objects as I could, I tried to add sand and water textures to make the drawing look more complex.

Enjoy your last few weeks of summer! Take a walk. Snap some pictures. Have a picnic. Enjoy the beauty around you, wherever that might be!

‘Til later…happy explorations!

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