Operation Research Workbook is a GO!

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, the subject of our newest artful exploration in nature focuses around the concept of a research workbook. What is a research workbook? How could this possibly relate to artful explorations? Well, my dear readers, let’s find out together! The journey begins…now!

1. The first and most important step to beginning a research workbook is finding SOMETHING to transform into your research workbook! I was able to find one fairly easily, as I tend to collect sketchbooks and notebooks from various travels and not-so-distant adventures.

2. After establishing the space that will be your research work area, think of a broad topic that you want to explore! Since this blog focuses on artful explorations in NATURE, my topic will be just that…natural. As an artist and nature enthusiast, I always seem to be drawn to trees. They are so expressive and interesting in their variety of shapes, textures, and colors–and they are complex enough to be a perfect subject for my research workbook–though anything in nature would suffice!

Beginning with a cartoon drawing of a tree, I brainstormed research topics associated with TREES. Here is my result:

The topics developed during this first brainstorming session will then serve as inspiration for the content of my research notebook! For your next page, choose one of your brainstormed topics that particularly interests you, and then brainstorm further topics, based on that topic. (WARNING: I’m definitely making this more complicated than it would have to be if, say, you were wishing to do research workbooks with elementary school students. After I explore research workbooks on my own for awhile, I will post about elementary versions of these books!)

‘Til later…happy explorations!


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