Wonder Walks!

Happy 2013!

Ready to start tackling those resolutions?

Let’s talk Wonder Walk. As is the case with most resolutions, something always seems to get in the way between you and that goal. In my case, that “something” has taken the form of a wedding. Acting as a maid of honor in an out-of-town wedding RIGHT after new years is definitely a distraction from my creative goals–but also an opportunity to explore a different area and gather new inspiration. I am still out of town as we speak, but wanted to go ahead and get the ball rolling on the Wonder Walks (as one of my 2013 goals includes weekly wonder walks!).

A Wonder Walk is a time that you set aside (no specific time minimum or maximum) to enjoy and wonder at the beauty of the natural world around you–no camera or art supplies. Just use your five senses to explore the world around you. When taking a wonder walk, you should imagine that you are experiencing everything for the first time. Take interest in things that you would normally overlook–perhaps something will surprise you or inspire you! When you return from the walk, take some time to creatively digest the experience.


I will take my first Wonder Walk this afternoon and report back!

‘Til later…happy explorations!

2 thoughts on “Wonder Walks!

  1. I went on a walk in the woods today and there were so many beautiful kinds of mushrooms! I was wishing I had my camera or my sketch book, but enjoyed all that I saw without one. One type of mushroom looked like a brown scalloped flower and had white edges. Another cluster of mushrooms looked like cream colored lotuses. Then there were some bright orange mushrooms like crocuses, and some tiny feathery mushrooms that reminded me of cedar branches. We’ve had a lot of cold and rainy weather here on the north Olympic Peninsula so it was great to get out, walk, and enjoy nature’s beauties!

    • That sounds like a lovely wonder walk! I couldn’t agree with you more. I have now been on two wonder walks and each time I have longed for my camera…or sketchbook…or something! It’s been eye opening, however, to be forced to interact with my surroundings without those materials.

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