Camouflage Explorations!

What a beautiful snowy Saturday afternoon! Although I much prefer warmer weather for my artful explorations, I must say nothing can quite compare to the peaceful silence experienced during snowfall. As I sit on my couch, watching the exquisite white powder fall, I can’t help but feel blessed to have found myself in such a beautiful world (despite our attempts as humans to “improve” everything). 

Today I’d like to share a project idea for artful explorations of camouflage–through painting! Although my sixth graders are still finishing up their work, I couldn’t help but share a few results. I was so impressed! 🙂



To introduce this project, we talked about camouflage in the natural environment. Although this particular project did not involve any outdoor explorations, we did spend some time looking at examples of camouflage. I also connected this project to “Op Art,” or optical illusion art. My kids found this video, in particular, to be quite inspiring!

After creating their own design (either inspired by natural patterns or optical illusions), students painted their hands to blend into their designs!

As soon as I get the pictures, I will share a lesson my third graders did, exploring animal tracks!

‘Til later…happy explorations!

7 thoughts on “Camouflage Explorations!

  1. This is fantastic! I hope you will continue these explorations and put on a full gallery show. This could go far. Verrrrry nice.

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