Wonder Walk-inspired Mixed Media Art!

What a busy last month this has been! Finally spring break has come–giving me the time I needed to finish my wonder walk-inspired artwork promised so many weeks ago! Below is my finished work, inspired by the chirping, lively bush that I happened by during one of my wonder walks (see previous post). 

To begin, I prepared my canvas. I had already decided on a mixed media interpretation of my explorations, so decided to create a very busy surface to reflect my observations. 


I then began adding some of those talented singers that seemed to breath warmth and vitality into the chilled winter air.


Drawing from my observations of both the sparse, skeletal bush and the tumbleweeds filling the sidewalk, I began adding complexity to the composition:



Last of all, I added one more chickadee to the composition (collaged to add contrast). Here is the resulting work:

ImageWell, I hope this post leaves you inspired to take some of your own artful explorations this week! This being my spring break (one of the perks of teaching), I plan to take advantage of my time to its fullest! I will report back, should I discover something particularly inspiring over the course of the coming week!

‘Til then…happy explorations!

7 thoughts on “Wonder Walk-inspired Mixed Media Art!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I’m happy to hear you’ve found inspiration and motivation here. 🙂 As spring approaches, I’m getting increasingly excited to explore the new growth and warmer weather!


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