A Different Sort of Collecting…

As I continue to build my “nature art” collection this summer, I thought it was high time I posted about another wonderful nature-inspired artist—and one that is a fellow collector, might I add!

Instead of placing his collected items into a container or displaying them on a shelf, he combines/assembles/collages his found objects to create reveal new meanings and enhance our perception of their value and significance. His website explains, “His love of objects and materials is grounded in their alchemical charm, and their banality is valued and challenged as much as their meaning.”


His most recent work “combines found objects from his local coast, with a summary text that gives a potential identity and history to the collated flotsam and jetsam. These discarded items, wave worn and sun bleached are arranged sometimes by colour and sometimes by other specific taxonomies, thus using the new works again to reveal in subtle ways through the use of text, content and aesthetics, that truth, history and information are questionable and relative to our perception and use of it.” To read more about Steve McPherson’s art, click here

In other news, I have been hard at work in my art studio, producing, exhibiting, and selling some of my mixed media work. Although my mixed media work isn’t as nature-inspired as some of my projects for this blog, it is a reflection of my thoughts, observations, and experiences in the natural world. To see some of my newest work–and to keep up with my art studio happenings, please visit my artist facebook page

To give you an example, here’s one of the newest pieces I’ve been working on:

Star Gazing

In other news, I found out that one of my works is going to be published in Agave online magazine! If you’re interested in reading the magazine and seeing my work, please click here to subscribe for free!

That’s all for now! ‘Til later…happy explorations!

6 thoughts on “A Different Sort of Collecting…

  1. Hey Tara! Great to see/hear from you..you have some really cool stuff on your facebook page…but I have to say, I love love your bear in a boat. It brought a big smile!

    • Thanks David! Yeah, I’d been MIA from the blogging world for quite some time, focusing on my studio work for awhile. Thanks for checking out the facebook page 🙂 I’m glad that bear in a boat could bring extra joy to your day!

    • Thanks! Carmel Wallace’s work with flotsam and jetsam is lovely! I enjoy discovering new artists and the various and diverse ways we respond to our environment. Thank you for introducing her work to me! How did you learn of her?

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