Nature iPad Explorations: Movement and Change

This week’s iPad explorations focused on free apps that can be used to explore movement and change in nature. Here are some of my favorite animation apps from this week of explorations:

One of my favorite animation apps that I’ve found would be iMotionHD. Not only is this a user friendly app (makes even elementary animation projects easy!), but it also has both time lapse and stop motion options. To see some lesson ideas, check out this animation challenge I did a little over a year ago. You can also check out my video art challenges for additional inspiration!

For more silly explorations, iFunFace and FMM give you the option of animating inanimate objects. For one lesson idea, I asked kids to take a picture of a tree and then use iFunFace to tell his/her story. Click here to see my example of this project.


For next week’s focus of the ipad explorations, I will shift my focus to exploration apps! So, I will be talking about apps that enhance explorations of the natural environment.

‘Till later…happy explorations!

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